Claire's transformation


About Claire

Job                                       Nutritionist 
Home                                   Toronto 
Likes                                    Oatmeal bowls
                                             Bike riding 

Claire's experience with CGB Fitness

"I’m a 30 year old vegan.  I was out of shape and wanted to get fit for summer.

As a nutritionist, I know there are no quick fixes.  I was wrong! In just 2 weeks, he changed the way I lift, look and started to feel about my body.

Anyone thinking of working with a personal trainer, Chris is exactly the guy you are hoping for.

His holistic approach to training has made me incredibly comfortable and more knowledgeable about how my particular body shape functions.

BONUS – As a result of my commitment with Chris, he restructured my “pigeon -toed” feet, decreased my lower back pain and realigned my posture.

He provides enthusiasm and encouragement not just everyday, but through every single single rep.  He keeps you consistent and accountable which makes it easy to stay on track. Chris has enabled me to improve my fitness, lose weight, develop more regular exercise habits and improve my overall health

Thanks to Chris, now I get fit for life, not just for summer."


Looking for a personal trainer?  

Downtown Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, personal training is the fastest way to get results. I train individuals and partners at Fortis Fitness in Leslieville. 


Not in Toronto? We can still make it work! I build fully customized nutrition and workout programs and provide daily support.

Let’s talk more and see if training with me is a fit!