Sweat School

If you want to get the most out of your workouts, they need to be customized for you.

Sweat School teaches you how to sift through all the information and pick what works best for your body and your goals. This edition is all about how you can grow your glutes and create an hourglass shape. It's in downtown Toronto at RYU Queen West on Saturday Dec 7 at 11 am. 

Why Glutes?

For a lot of the women, growing their glutes is top priority, but also a big challenge. Hours at a desk can disrupt the mind-muscle connection, old injuries can interfere with isolation, and most importantly, no two people’s hip structure is the same.

In this seminar we will go over popular glute exercises and how to assess if they’re right for you. We’ll discuss the fundamentals and run through a training session where you’ll get to put everything into practice.

We'll run through hip thrusts, deadlifts, squats and more. Wear workout clothes and be ready to learn and sweat!

Here's what we'll cover


  • We’ll go through diagnostic tests together that will help you choose which exercise variation makes sense for your unique structure and training ability.


  • You’ll get direct feedback from one of Toronto’s top personal trainers so that you feel confident you’re training safely and effectively.


  • You’ll leave with a personalized workout program that you can run on your own and progress as you improve.

This seminar is for you if

  • You like to workout but you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your training.
  • You want to grow your glutes and build an hourglass shape.
  • You’re looking to get personalized insights into what will work best for you structure

Please wear workout clothes and be ready to learn and sweat! 

About CGB Fitness

Hi I’m Chris Brown. I founded CGB Fitness because I have a passion for transforming ordinary people into everyday superheroes. 

I’m a PICP™ certified strength training coach and a bodybuilding competition veteran. I combine a degree in fine arts and a deep knowledge of human anatomy to sculpt beautiful bodies that look like well-respected art and run like well-oiled machinery.

My clients consistently get big results, in large part because I custom craft each workout and nutrition program around exactly what will work best for the individual.

Want to start getting more out of your workouts by shaping them around your unique structure, ability, and goals? 

About RYU

We create technical, high-performance urban athletic apparel that is built around you, the individual.

We understand that everyone’s universe is unique, with different needs and our apparel enhances your universe by respecting the person inside…you. It’s all in our name after all. We’re here to help you achieve more than your gym goals, RYU is here for your life goals.

Our Toronto flagship location is in the heart of Queen West's vibrant neighborhood that combines creativity, energy and personality – a perfect fit for RYU. With a workout / social space in the basement - known as the RYU Underground, this location is ideal for shopping, workouts or for networking.