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 Online 1:1 coaching 

 for busy professionals 


Hi!  I'm your trainer, Chris.

I founded CGB Fitness because I have a passion for transforming ordinary people into everyday superheroes. I’m a PICP™ certified strength training coach and a bodybuilding competition veteran.  


I combine a degree in fine arts, a deep knowledge of human anatomy, and a firm belief that fitness makes life better for everyone in order to sculpt beautiful bodies that look like well-respected art and run like well-oiled machinery.

Online Coaching Packages 


and Nutrition

  • Custom workout program with instructional videos

  • Custom nutritional plan 

  • Daily accountability check ins 

  • Weekly review sessions and lesons 

  • 24/7 coach access for questions 

$ 400/month  



  • Custom workout program with instructional videos 

  • Daily accountability check ins

  • Weekly review sessions and lessons 

  • 24/7 coach access for questions 



$ 300/month 


Built for A-Types

Who want a program that works as hard as they do

#1) We don’t do ‘off the rack’


Every workout and nutrition program is custom built from the ground up for your lifestyle, goals, and abilities. I factor in your social calendar, work schedule, gym availability, even favorite foods. We carefully track how your body responds and continually progress your program. 


Consistency is the #1 factor in changing your body, and it’s a lot easier when the program is crafted specifically for your lifestyle. 

#2) We're going to talk. A lot.  


This is real one-on-one coaching and I get invested in each client. I know that weekly check-ins are the online training norm, but I want us to talk everyday.


I want to see your food logs and your sweaty selfies. But more than that, I want to answer your questions whenever they come up, be there to provide support, and work with you in realtime to make program adjustments or updates. 

#3 ) You'll get big results


Kaylie and Sarah both lost 20% body fat, but with very different programs and very different goals. Most clients start seeing results in just a few weeks. 



Is online coaching for you?

Let’s book a 30-minute fit assessment call

I’ll tell you about the CGB Fitness approach to training and answer any questions you have.


Come ready to discuss: 


  • Your goals, including how you want to look and what you want to be able to do  
  • What kind of workouts you’re doing now and what you’ve done in the past 
  • How you’re eating, what you’re eating, and why you’re eating it
  •  What your schedule is like and what parts of your lifestyle you most value 


Working together is a big commitment for both of us so it’s important to make sure it’s a good fit before we jump in. 

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