Are you still confusing a Cheat Day for a Cheat Meal?


Are you still confusing a Cheat Day for a Cheat Meal? 

I get this question all the time, is it ok to have a cheat day? Or what if I got off plan and had a bad day of binging?

Here's the quick answer, yes you can have a cheat meal, I actually recommend it! 

Here is how we do it. Your best plan for success is by planning your cheat meals throughout the week. I have had tons of amazing results with my clients using this method to plan their weekly meals out in advance.

I recommend 2 fun meals per week that you love. This way they are accounted for in your calorie totals for the week and you are not feeling deprived of your favourite fun foods.

What if you slip up and end up binging for a day? Well I promise that you are much less likely to binge when you stick to this plan.

However, it happens to us all at some time, right? It’s not the end of the world, I have my clients do their best to track the food they had that day and move on and get back on plan the next day. No stress!

I hope that helps sort out the confusion. If you still need help with your nutrition feel free to reach out and message me I am here to help.