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Are you still confusing a Cheat Day for a Cheat Meal?

  Are you still confusing a Cheat Day for a Cheat Meal?  I get this question all the time, is it ok to have a cheat day? Or what if I got off plan and had a bad day of binging? Here's the quick answer, yes you can have a cheat meal, I actually recommend it!  Here is how we do it. Your best plan for success is by planning your cheat meals throughout the week. I have had tons of amazing results with my clients using this method to plan their weekly meals out in advance. I recommend 2 fun meals per week that you love. This way they are accounted for in your calorie totals for the week...

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Lose 10 lbs and get 10 x the benefits!

The real benefits are happening on the inside. It improves so many health markers. Here are a few of them, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol. It also lessens the risks of diabetes, cancer. In my opinion those are huge reasons to lose 10 lbs. Would you say?

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