Are you struggling with Quarantine Weight Gain?


Are you Struggling with Quarantine Weight Gain?

Here are 6 tools I used to help my client lose the extra pounds during this challenging period of being stuck at home for weeks and months.


1. Create Daily Routine

I schedule a routine for my clients' helps them stay focused and accountable to their goals. I keep it simple, and ensure they follow these 3 key steps.

⁃ meal planning and prep

⁃ 3-4 workouts per week

⁃ time to unwind and destress


2. Plan Healthy Meals

We planned meals out for the entire week ahead. It is critical to be able to stay on track with your meal plan and have healthy nutritious meals planned and ready to avoid snacking or turning to fatty fast food or foods that are not the best option.


3. Quality Foods

We pick and plan nutrient dense food sources like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and lean protein. By having healthy nutritious meals planned in advance will prevent you from snacking or turning to fast food for that quick fix.


4. Portion Control

I use a few different tools for clients to be able to measure and manage their food intake. From using scales to measuring cups. Over time you will be able to eyeball amounts and manage your portion control with confidence.


5. Regular Exercise

I create scheduled workout programs that fit within their goals and lifestyle. With social distancing and some parts of the world gyms being closed or simply not feeling safe to go to a gym, there are a variety of ways to help you get that workout in; some ideas that I encourage my clients' to use include hitting a daily step goal, recommend hikes, tennis, and other sports to make the activity more fun!


6. Manage Stress

Managing stress is often overlooked and ignored and can lead to mental health issues that many of us are struggling with. I get clients to schedule some down time for themself to refill your inner peace and balance. I recommend long walks, meditation and yoga to help relax and bring down daily stress levels.

If you need help achieving goals similar to this, or have any questions please feel free to reach out I'm happy to help!