Do less cardio and lose more body fat!

You are doing regular walks each week and still not losing much weight and wondering why?

It’s because your cardio just isn’t intense enough! It really comes down to  QUALITY over QUANTITY.

If you are walking for weight loss then you would have to walk a crap load of miles per day, at least 10 -15 miles.

Walking is great and has many benefits for health markers but when it comes to speeding up weight loss it's not your best choice.

Instead you need to pick the types of exercise and activities to yield higher weight loss. 

Picking activities that will BUMP your heart rate up like, sprint intervals, cycling classes, circuit training or other HIIT on your favourite cardio machine that max out your cardio ability is the way to go.

Combined with an appropriate weight training and nutrition program the results will start to speed up dramatically.

So turn up the INTENSITY, get after it and crush your cardio sessions to the max!!

If you have any questions or you need help with any of this stuff feel free to contact me.