How to choose an online personal trainer

Custom workout and nutrition for online personal training


There are thousands of coaches online who can help you lose weight, get strong, improve your eating habits, get ready for a wedding, even improve your golf swing. 

Here are three key things to think about when you're choosing who to work with. 

#1) Goals

When it comes to choosing an online personal trainer, the most important thing is for you to know what you’re looking to get out of the experience.

Most of the time, coaches who get big results for their clients are experts in their domain, but very few are experts across the board. I mean this in terms of the discipline (go to a yogi for yoga workouts) but also in terms of progression level and fit.

Case in point—a few years ago, I was looking for a coach who could help me improve my Muay Thai skills. I found one of the top coaches in the city, one who had a reputation for training pros back in Thailand. After a few classes, I’d spent hours on training runs and overly intricate drills, had bruised shins and sore wrists, and was almost never allowed a sip of water—all because that’s how the pros did it.  

I realized that even though I was getting authentic training, it wasn’t geared for someone looking to change up their fitness routine for a few hours a week by learning a new skill. It’s tempting to go right to the top, but the right coach for an advanced athlete, isn’t the right coach for everyone.   

#2) Lifestyle

It’s important that your online coach understand and respect your lifestyle.

I work with busy professionals who don’t want to have to reorganize their lives to transform their body. As a result, I custom build every workout and nutrition plan around their social calendar, work schedule, gym access, even favorite foods.

I have a lot of experience helping clients get results despite frequent travel, medical shifts, or high-pressure jobs. When it comes to stressed city-dwellers, I’m able to offer a lot of insight and get quick results, there are a lot of population’s where I’m not the expert though.

The bottom line is that it’s best to work with a coach who has worked with other people like you. Consistency is the #1 factor in changing your body, and it’s a lot easier when the program is crafted specifically for your lifestyle. 

#3) Coach Access

There are three main buckets when it comes to online training and each makes sense for different people.

Option 1 – Program access

If you just need to be told what exercises to do or what to eat, then there are a lot of online membership sites that will tailor workout templates or nutrition plans for your specifications. These are reasonably priced and you can find the right one for almost any goal.

Option 2 – Scheduled check ins

A lot of coaches provide their clients with their plan and ask for a report at the end of each week or every other week in order to answer questions, assess progress, and make updates to the program. If you’re looking for some personalization but don’t need a lot of day-to-day support this is a great option.

Option 3 – Realtime coaching

While it’s not the industry norm, I like to talk to my clients almost every day.
I expect to see daily food and workout logs and am available to answer questions, provide accountability, and make program adjustments or updates. Online clients often struggle to find 24/7 motivation and daily communication makes it much easier to stay on track. It also allows us to move through phases more efficiently and get faster results.

You're probably looking for change

Do your research when it comes to choosing an online coach and above all else take a look at their results with past clients.

Here are a couple of my clients. Kaylie is a real estate agent and Sarah is a recruiting exec—both have hectic schedules and both lost 20% body fat.    


Is CGB Online right for you?

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  • What your schedule is like and what parts of your lifestyle you most value

About the Coach

Hi! I’m Chris. 

I founded CGB Fitness because I have a passion for transforming ordinary people into everyday superheroes. I’m a PICP™ certified strength training coach and a bodybuilding competition veteran.  

I combine a degree in fine arts, a deep knowledge of human anatomy, and a firm belief that fitness makes life better for everyone in order to sculpt beautiful bodies that look like well-respected art and run like well-oiled machinery.