Prowler and Personal Training

Personal training client drags a prowler in Toronto

    The prowler is one of the best tools in the gym to:
    Lose weight 
    Build muscle 
    Improve endurance 
    Create structural stability and balance 
    It’s not that it does everything at once.

    But by changing how it’s used, you can change its effect.

    I create completely customized workouts for each client based on their specific goals. But sometimes exercises that look similar, have very different outcomes.

    Almost all of my clients have used the prowler in different ways during different training phases.

     Here are my top 3 prowler variations:

     #1 Sprints
    If you are looking to lose weight and tone up, prowler sprints are one of the best options. Make sure the sled isn’t too heavy because you’re going to need to go fast!
    How to do it: 
    Push the prowler forward as fast as you can down the turf and make sure to time how long it takes. If you push for 30 second, then you rest for 30 seconds before you’re back to pushing again.  Beginner clients run 3 times, advanced clients go 10 times.


    #2 Reverse Drag
      While fast sprints will leave you out of breath, a slow reverse drag (like Kaylie is doing in the picture above) will make your quads burn and is a great way to add a dynamic component to a muscle-building leg day. This is a must for women looking to build defined legs, while also creating functional capacity.
       How to do it:
       Attach a chain and handle to the prowler and start walking backwards. On each step think about kicking your leg out, like you would in a leg extension machine. The longer your drag the more it will burn, which makes this a great superset selection.


      #3 The Pyramid
      If you really want to see what you’re made of, the pyramid is a great challenge. It works your cardio, strength, stability—and mental fortitude. Some of my female clients can push 3 to 4 times their body weight at the top if the pyramid.
      How to do it:
      Start light, add a weight plate every run, and take minimal rest between. Once you sled is at a crawl and you can’t add any more weight, start taking plates off and going back down the pyramid. Lighter pushes should be much faster and it’s a real challenge to find speed again at the end.



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      Want to come train with me?  

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