CMS's Transformation

About CMS

Job                                       Finance Stuff
Home                                    North, Toronto 
Likes                                     Sports, Sports, Sports
Accomplishments              Achieved sub 10% body fat

Name: CMS

Job: Finance stuff

Hobbies: Sports. Sports. Sports.


Although I have always played many sports, I got to my late thirties without ever having set foot in a gym or lifting a weight so came to Chris as a complete beginner. 

From day one Chris was beyond patient with me, answering my many questions and working me hard on my technique. 

His incredible knowledge of technique, his coaching methods, and the nutrition plan he put in place for me, all seemed to work almost instantly.

The extra pounds I was carrying fell off and I started building muscle and strength from the get go. I felt quicker and stronger on the soccer pitch and surprisingly started hitting the ball yards further on the golf course

Chris has shaped my progression since, building monthly work out phases for me and continuing to motivate me every day. 

Chris is knowledgeable, dependable, flexible and affable and above all knows his stuff inside out; couldn’t recommend more! 

Looking for a personal trainer?  

Downtown Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, personal training is the fastest way to get results. I train individuals and partners at Fortis Fitness in Leslieville. 


Not in Toronto? We can still make it work! I build fully customized nutrition and workout programs and provide daily support.

Let’s talk more and see if training with me is a fit!