Katrina's Transformation

About Katrina

Job          Property Management 
Home      North, Toronto 
Likes       Cooking and Traveling. 
Accomplishments:      9% body fat, Gained 5 lb muscle, Unassisted chin-up


Katrina's view on CGB Fitness

I have played sports my entire life, but despite this, in my early 30’s I was no longer in the shape I had been in most of my life. I always looked at the gym and lifting weights as boring, intimidating and as something for jocks.

I saw my friend’s results after training with Chris, so I decided I had nothing to lose. I could not believe how quickly the results showed after committing to an hour or two of training a week.

He has made me look forward to the gym, gain strength I didn’t know I had, and get into amazing shape in no time.

If you need someone to motivate you and whip you into shape Chris is your man. He is not only fun to train with, but can take whatever area of your body you need to improve and get you there faster than you can say “Chris I can’t do it ” :) 

Looking for a personal trainer?  

Downtown Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, personal training is the fastest way to get results. I train individuals and partners at Fortis Fitness in Leslieville. 


Not in Toronto? We can still make it work! I build fully customized nutrition and workout programs and provide daily support.

Let’s talk more and see if training with me is a fit!