Sarah's Transformation

About Sarah

Job                                       Program Director 
Home                                    Downtown, Toronto 
Likes                                     Traveling to new places
Accomplishments             Lost 20% body fat
                                             Gained muscle
                                             Unassisted chin-up


Sarah's view on CGB Fitness

"After years of cardio/spin classes, group training exercise, and supposedly “healthy eating” my fitness and self-confidence was continuously up and down. Too intimidated to use the gym floor equipment, the class cardio sessions were my comfort zone for 20 years!

Since working with Chris, over the last 18 months I’ve lost 20% Body Fat, but gained so much knowledge, confidence and strength; and respect for the fitness industry.

Chris has educated and encouraged me to build muscle and strengthen my body in a feminine way; he pushes you to achieve your personal goals, tailoring training programs and nutrition to benefit you!

After seeing my personal journey unfold with weekly pictures, and feeling my body strengthen each week, I look forward to what can be achieved in the next 18-months. 

Chris is not only an amazing personal trainer but has become my mentor, and friend. He truly cares about his clients’ and is the ultimate professional, always supportive and there to celebrate the wins (no matter how small) with you."

Thanks Chris!!

Looking for a personal trainer?  

Downtown Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, personal training is the fastest way to get results. I train individuals and partners at Fortis Fitness in Leslieville. 


Not in Toronto? We can still make it work! I build fully customized nutrition and workout programs and provide daily support.

Let’s talk more and see if training with me is a fit!