Zoe's Transformation

About Zoe

Job          Film - Producer Assistant  
Home      Toronto 
Likes       Tri-Athalons and Traveling. 

Zoe's view on CGB Fitness

I met Chris a few years back when I was training at the same gym with a different trainer. I saw how interactive he was with his clients, and that he listened and spoke to them about their concerns and improvements and knew that he would be the trainer for me.


Fast forward 4 years later, I work in the film industry and sit behind a desk for 14 hours a day and could tell I was losing my body complex and self esteem.  A year later, I have  been training with Chris consistently and have new goals to achieve including to complete 3 triathlons across Ontario this summer.   Chris and I talk frequently about healthy eating habits and proper fuel as an athlete and we work together to work the right muscles, and body functions to build strength and lean out.   Not only is this a personal goal as a competitor, but can be accomplished with his training for anyone who wants to improve everyday health and exercise awareness.  


CGB has challenged me to be a better athlete, and to take care of my physical health.  I wouldn’t have it any other way with a trainer to help achieve these standards.  Dedication and consistency is the key to your success - and then trust that Chris does the rest.   You won’t find that anywhere else in Toronto, I guarantee it.

Looking for a personal trainer?  

Downtown Toronto

If you’re in Toronto, personal training is the fastest way to get results. I train individuals and partners at Fortis Fitness in Leslieville. 


Not in Toronto? We can still make it work! I build fully customized nutrition and workout programs and provide daily support.

Let’s talk more and see if training with me is a fit!