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How to choose an online personal trainer

There are thousands of coaches online who can help you lose weight, get strong, improve your eating habits, get ready for a wedding, even improve you golf swing.   These are the three key things to think about when you're choosing who to work with. 

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Workouts for Women: Upper Body

A lot of my female clients think every day should be leg day. They’ll happily squat, leg press and lunge all day, but avoid chin ups and chest press whenever they can. Despite all of this—I firmly believe that everyone must train upper and lower body regularly. 

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Prowler and Personal Training

Almost all of my clients have used the prowler in different ways during different training phases to lose weight, build muscle, improve endurance, create structural stability and balance  It’s not that it does everything at once, but by changing how it’s used, you can change its effect.    

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